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Graphic Design

Graphic Design Services – Edmonton

Imprint offers graphic design services for projects of all sizes. Whether you are looking for a simple business card design to full brand identity development, we offer services to help you make an impression!

Flat Fee Design Rates

We are one of the only graphic design studios in Edmonton that quote our project based on flat fees vs hourly rates. We truly believe it’s the best way to build a trusting relationship with you, by being completely transparent with the design cost right from the beginning. We also find that clients are more likely to voice their comments or concerns without having to worry about incurring extra design fees.

Our Process

We are so humbled for your interest in our graphic design services! We try to keep our design process as simple as possible for our clients.

  • Flat Fee Design

    After a thorough design consultation with you, we provide a flat-fee, all inclusive quote for your review. This flat fee includes up to 3 rounds of unique concepts and up to 3 sets of revisions. Unique concepts are different design ideas/directions, whereas revisions are simple edits such as color changes or text edits.

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  • Consultation

    We discuss the scope of your project in detail. We can do consultations over the phone, email, or in person – we cater to what’s most convenient for you.

  • Quote Provided

    A fixed fee design quote is provided after consultation, with a contract clearly outlining the terms.

  • Deposit

    50% deposit is due upon starting the design process, with the remaining 50% upon final completion.

  • Design Proofs

    Multiple design proofs are provided for the client’s review.

  • Revisions

    Up to 3 rounds of unique concepts and 3 sets of revisions (see contract terms below) are included.

  • Approval

    Once you are 100% satisfied with the final designs and we have received your approval, we will send your files off to print (if you are printing with us) or provide you the artwork files.

  • Final Payment

    The remaining 50% is due upon completion and wrap up of the project.

Quote Request

Every design job is unique – we welcome you to request a quote from us. Our design fee is based on the scope of the project, and not based hourly like traditional graphic designers (unless otherwise requested/discussed). We find we can provide higher client satisfaction that way – and you are more open to expressing your concerns and ideas to us.

We aim to return quote requests within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing about your project!